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Kevin A. Mani

Founder & Executive Director

Kevin A. (Arjang) Mani (Farsi/Persian: کیوان ارژنگ مانی) graduated with honors from Boston University’s College of Communication with a B.S. in Journalism. He is interested in topics including economics, healthcare, human rights, immigration, and politics. Geographically, he is interested in the Greater Middle East region. He founded “Beyond the Compass,” a weekly show, podcast, and column, focusing on foreign affairs and the global economy. He plans to pursue a JD degree in the near future.

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Quentin Blaizot


A recent graduate of Boston University with a BA in International Relations, as well as a minor in Political Science facilitate by studies at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po). Interested in regional development, relief work and nonprofit opportunities. Fluent in English and French. Experienced in customer relations, administrative assistant, public speaking, academic research and graphic design.

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